Naturally Inspired Spaces Create a warm, inviting home

All signs point to glorious green in March, April and May.  Not just in Cornelius www.calloways/  greenhouses overflowing with fresh color for your gardens and barefoot freedom lawns but expect to get giddy in the gift shops.  Find ideas for green-thumb moms for Mother’s Day gifting; statuary for a classic English Garden vibe, and don’t forget to decorate for egg rolls on the lawns at Easter and those blarney leprechauns of St. Pat’s Day!

English Garden Statuary at Cornelliusl) Awesome ~Princess Diana, in all her classic beauty, would make your garden truly memorable.   Here she shares a garden trail with outsized rabbit, shells and stunning faux trees of ivy.  And although they look like stone, most of the Cornelius Gift Shop sculptures are made of resin so can be more easily moved.

Cornelius Garden Bunnies2) Garden Buddies ~ Here are some bunnies that won’t hop away after Easter.  These plump stone rabbits will guard the garden gate so the real Peter Rabbit can’t slip in to chomp her carrots.  And the softer city cousins on the handsome pillows Invite mom to sit a spell and enjoy her handiwork. It’s her day!

Cornelius Bow Adorns Victorian and Asian Decor3) Opposites Attract ~ Ready to pop in some color to your family room that may be suffering from long winter doldrums?  If you think Victorian and Asian decor can’t get along, try tying down this glorious swag of silk flowers with the Famous Cornelius Bow to the top of a sleek red bamboo trunk and wait for the compliments to soar.

Cornelius Gift Shop Scents4) Paddy Wax ~ The name sounds Irish, but actually it is a brand of home fragrances, some of the most true and aromatic in our bouquet of Gift Shop scents.  These charming 6-oz candles with perfect tin packaging in glorious complementary hues smell like fresh-cut Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Poppy and other flowering plants.  Can’t you see them as favors waiting at the plates of spring luncheon guests?  Ahhhh…breathe. Inhale, exhale!

Cornelius Cherub and Cherubim5) Precious Cherub/Cherubim
He steals the show in a cool garden setting with life-like wax flowers, more ethereal statuary and sparks of green. These winged babies first appeared in the Garden of Eden guarding the way to the Tree of Life.  Who could resist him?  Not Eve.

Cornelius Newspaper Bunny6) Black & White and “read” all over…isn’t that what they used to say about newspapers?  If you have a penchant for rabbits but not in pastel colors, let this conversational hare join your Easter festivities.  He would gladly perch on a porch or a tablescape to delight your guests.

St. Patrick's Day Gifts at Cornelius7) Kissing the blarney stone?  If your name is Murphy or McTaggart, you may be flying to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day so you’d better get your Bon Voyage party underway.  You already know what color you’ll be wearing, but why not juice up the dinner table with lively serving dishes and a cunning Mark Roberts leprechaun fairy?

Spring Apron at Cornelius8) Mom’s Apron strings never looked so enticing!  Even thoroughly modern moms cook and would wear an apron more often if she had one blooming in her kitchen in pinks and lavender.  What could be more feminine while at the same time showing your practical side to an important woman in your life. Face it, cowboy.

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