Winking in the dark

I recently read a memorable reason to gain exposure for your business.  Otherwise, it’s like winking in the dark.  No one knows what you’re doing except you!  But there are so many reasons to stall when it comes to spending money to promote your business.  Most of us wait until we get new business to consider spending money to get new business.  Then we are too busy!  I talked to a talented interior designer today who has remodeled a dazzling kitchen; refaced a fireplace and added a mantel for a whole new look to a family room; found a perfect place for a wine cellar in another house by replacing a little-used closet under the stairwell of a spiral staircase.  Doesn’t that sound terrific?!  But no…she needs to get some more business before she can consider updating her website or hire marketing communications/public relations support.  Perhaps I should explain that for a start-up fee of $2,500, I could meet with her and develop a Fact Sheet and Backgrounder that could be sent to media and included on her website.  Just one print or electronic media break could be added to her Social Media sites and those of her sorority, and university and design groups inspiring people to hire her the next time they have design jobs large or small because Alpha Phi Linda Morris-Brogan is clearly a go-getter!

Recipe ~ I pondered this Blog while I ate my Doctored Soup-from-a-can

Heat one can of chicken & rice soup, slowly adding chopped fresh or frozen spinach, frozen peas and two slices of left-over ham cut into small squares.  Add one can of V-8 juice and freshly ground pepper plus any herbs you like (basil, curry, oregano).  Grate Parmesan cheese on top before serving.

One Response to Winking in the dark

  1. Leslie Barr says:

    Brilliant advice for this interior designer or any small business owner seeking new clients! That would be money put back into her business to increase her exposure, leading to more clients of course. It’s a total necessity these days. Thanks to Shirelybarr PR!

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